The Uphill Battle

Life is an uphill battle and rarely has a break, we are always grinding away and never getting to rest like we should.  We fight and claw going up the hill and are always feeling empty handed and worthless.  We base these feelings on how life is going and often something has blown up in our face and it’s normally our fault because of our selfish choices.  I’m not going to lie ever since January this uphill battle here has been harder then usual, like the enemy has been leaving land mines for us to have to maneuver around and we’re getting really close to hitting them on what seems like a daily basis.  We’re getting worn down and depressed with how the world has become since then.  We are the target of hate and bigotry and don’t understand why, all we want is a peaceful existence and for our conservative values to be honored.  We aren’t sitting there kicking like a petulant child not getting their way like the liberals did for the past four years and now their temper tantrum has gotten even worse then when DJT45 was running the show.  We might be dodging missiles instead of land mines now, at least when they were laying out the land mines we could see where they laid them.  Now with their tactile missile deployment on our values and the speed at which they are attacking we might be getting hit with a missile mid stride between land mines.  This is not a fun time in human history, this is the times like the days of Noah where there was a no holds barred street fight going on everyday between all people.  The hate in the world is at an all time high at this time in the last 2000 years, sadly it is by the design of the devil using men like Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky to teach hate within not only our borders but the world and pass it on into these generations through lies and deception.  Then lets add the Roman Catholic Church officials pushing critical race theory along with our politicians to divide us further, we are in an epic uphill battle with barely any cover and the cover is getting less and less everyday.  We need some air support in this battle, we need help like never before, we need divine intervention.  The devil is ramping things up like never before, he’s gone into overdrive and we’re sitting here unwilling to call in the tactical advantage we have in Christ as a unit, instead we sit back and let these things happen.  We don’t stand up and it feels like we never will, we’ve again become complacent and just vent our frustrations on social media.  We’ve become beings dominated by fear and isolation and everyone is becoming ok with this, we’re trying to climb up this hill by ourselves instead of in a unit, we’re trying to be Rambo instead of being a member of the Expendables.  We’ve quit having each others back because we’ve been divided by religious doctrines, skin color, cultural diversities, income, and type of job we have.  We’re basically bringing about a cast system much like the nation of India has and you can’t win a battle if you’re divided, we need to tear all of it down brick by brick and never build it back, let the current systems lie in ruin so we can remember not to repeat those mistakes again.  We cannot let the days of Noah continue, we cannot let another Nimrod come about, or another Nazi Party.  This is the time to put differences aside and stand up, this is the time to call your neighbors, old friends, and old enemies and make peace so we can become a unit that has each others backs.  We must rise up and show greater resolve and greater principles then the enemy, we must show no fear.  Fear must be shaken off like the dust on your shoes, wash the fear clean off your mind body and soul then stand up battle ready to defeat the prince of bizarroworld and his minions with one fell swoop.  We can do this, I know it’s in us to win this uphill battle but are you prepared for the collateral damage?  You will lose friends, jobs, associates, the church you’re a part of might not like your stance and kick you out, can you handle that, can you handle fighting with the truth as your weapon of choice?  Are you prepared for the fallout because the devil is preparing to deliver some fallout on you if you choose this path, trust me I know he hits me with depression and things from my past every chance he gets but I soldier on, I fight the battle, I upset his quota of souls going to hell through his missile shots.  You have to let Holy Spirit control the Humvee you’re riding in and trust Him to dodge the land mines, missiles, and rpg’s the devil is throwing your way while you work the turret or scout where enemy fire is coming from.  This battle isn’t over, it’s just heating up.  Are you prepared?

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