22. Don’t Give Up


I know its a day late but here we go, in this episode we get into some bizarroworld headlines and news stories, learn how to fight against depression and feelings of inadequacy, and get into some good news

We often struggle with the want to just quit and give up, we feel like nothing is going our way.  We feel like failures, losers, degenerates,like we’re not good enough for anyone or anything.  We all have this innate want to feel important and thats when these feelings really rush in, we’re built in a way to be wanted by other human beings and when that doesn’t happen we feel demoralized, down and out, and insignificant.  This can’t be further from the truth, we do have purpose and we have to pray and seek the purpose God has for us without ceasing.  I know I struggle with these feelings all the time and they come like a rushing river upon me when I least expect, one day everythings fine and the next total despair.  We have to remember to quit allowing the devil to play this trick on you, remember it’s a great day to be alive and the next day will be even greater even if it’s been stormy.  Storms will come and go and the devil will use them to scare you and keep you in your safe space and slowly or quickly let fear, depression, or sin in; he’s crouching at the door like a ninja waiting to attack.  How do we defeat the feeling of giving up you ask, get out of your comfort zone. It’s simple yet difficult, surrender to the Holy Spirit and let Him take the wheel in your life, stay fervent in prayer and be like Jacob begging for a blessing after wrestling all night with God.  Don’t throw in the towel instead wipe the sweat off your brow, roll up your sleeves, and prepare for war.  Don’t act defeated because we’ve already won when Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross and rose on the third day from the grave defeating death and sin.  So fight, claw your way out of the feelings of failure and not being good enough with prayer and praise.  Change your outlook, seek Holy Spirit to be the chauffer on the trip to the destiny God has planned for you and keep your angels close.  Life isn’t easy, it never will be in this day and time but it is worth living and fighting for even through storms and difficulties.  Seek community amongst your peers and have them be part of your band of warriors, build a small army to help you fight.  Where two or three gather in Jesus Christ name Holy Spirit is there.

good News Stories

Woman Fosters Over 80 Infants in 34 Years: ‘This Is What God’s Handed Me a Gift to Do’

Wrestling Superstar ‘The Undertaker’ Appears at Christian Conference, Gives Powerful Testimony: ‘I Wasn’t Living My Life for God’

Bizarroworld Headlines

Nickelodeon Pushes Race Propaganda on Kids, Shuts Down Dissent Before It Can Even Happen

Another Asian Attack and Another Black Suspect as Black Victimhood Narrative Continues to Disintegrate

Americans Tune Hollywood Out in Record Numbers as Oscars Ratings Crash to Staggering All-Time Low

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